There is a distinct bass-line in Amapiano called Log Drum and it’s often very aggressive, energetic, and diverse. Amapiano is often created on FL Studio, and its Log Drum’s original sound and texture is complex to recreate on other DAW’s and Synthesisers. This sample pack makes it possible to use Log Drums on your favourite DAW’s and Samplers without sacrificing quality and texture, giving you the same feel from hit records in this genre.

Captain E Log Drum

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    • Captain E Log Drum.jpg
    • Log Drum (1).WAV
    • Log Drum (2).WAV
    • Log Drum (3).WAV
    • Log Drum (4).WAV
    • Log Drum (5).WAV
    • Please Read!!!.rtf
    • All samples are in WAV format and was exported in 32 bit float.
    • All samples were made on C Major Scale and range from C 2 to B4
    • These samples are compatable with all Major DAW's and Samplers. 

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