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Captain E Releases New Amapiano Log Drum Sample Pack

Updated: Apr 1, 2022

Amapiano is one of the newest genres to take over the world with its distinct and infectious bass drum line that gets the party going.

Amapiano was originally created in South Africa and mainly produced using Image lines' Fruity loop's studio. The bass line popularly called Log Drum is created using a plugin native to only FL Studio called Fruity DX10. Unfortunately because this plugin is only found in FL Studio, users of other popular DAW's such as Logic Pro, Ableton, Cubase and Studio One to name a few have been left stranded trying to replicate the sound with other plugins. Some producers have come close to replicating the sound but the textures are noticeable not the same.

Captain E came up with an elegant solution designing Log Drum samples in FL Studio and saving them for other DAW users to use without hassle. Included in this sample pack are 6 samples as well as mapping presets for Logic Pro users and instructions on how to use the samples with other DAW's.

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