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Competent Enough - The Making

Competent Enough - The Making

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The Making

Competent Enough - The Making

Captain E - Competent Enough (Official Video)

Captain E - Competent Enough (Official Trailer)

S1E9: Weekend at Big Bear Mountain - The Captain's Log

S1E8: It's All Coming Together - The Captain's Log

S1E7: Planning My First Single Release Of 2022 - The Captain's Log

S1E6: Merry Christmas - The Captain's Log

S1E5: I'm Never Going Back to Six Flags - The Captain's Log

S1E4: A Thanksgiving Holiday - The Captain's Log

S1E3: We shooting a music video - The Captain's Log

S1E2: Moving Day - The Captain's Log

S1E1: She made me late to my first studio session in LA - The Captain's Log

Captain E - Bad Girl (Lyric Video) ft. M-AYO

Captain E - Only Option | AKtivated Sessions

Captain E - More of Me (Behind The Scenes)

Captain E - More of Me (Official Video)

Captain E - Craze (Home Performance)

Captain E, Trusting - Paradise (Official Video)

Captain E - Waiting (Behind The Scenes)

Captain E - Waiting (Official Video) ft. Monica Ogah

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