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Black Box

Captain E

Captain E's "Black Box" Unveiled: A Musical Odyssey

In "Black Box," Captain E's fourth project, he takes us on a musical journey, evolving from his previous project, "20." In his words “This project is a true reflection of my craft now, how I think and feel. I am able to bring all the genres I love and combine them into something beautiful that I know is truly timeless”.  This LP is his canvas for self-expression, beautifully combining his love for diverse genres into a timeless masterpiece. Inspired by his pilot father, Capt Matthew Ekeinde Snr, the album's name pays homage to the flight data recording device.

In "Competent Enough," Captain E boldly addresses being labeled as Omotola's son, fusing Afro-pop with rock. He reflects on his achievements being overshadowed by his parents' fame and his journey from competing internationally at just 15 to his award-nominated encounters in the music industry.

The twist arrives with "In-between," a fusion of EDM and Afro-pop. Captain E showcases his creativity by singing in Yoruba, inspired by artists like Skrillex and DJ Snake. This playful love tale was co-written with the late Sound Sultan, Mayokun Somide, Hajara Lawal, and Captain E himself.

"Something Must Kill A Man" delves deeper into Afro-fusion, displaying Captain E's perfectionism with captivating melodies. "On My Own" explores self-reflection, addressing the challenges of being an indie artist who juggles various roles. Captain E emphasizes the importance of self-care and taking breaks.

"Hooked," born from his "Sounds of Winter" series, blends RnB with Pop and features Tanzanian rapper Kamal JBK. The emotional roller coaster of "Black Box" concludes with "Believe," where Captain E sends a heartfelt message to his fans, urging them to believe in him and his unwavering commitment to his craft.

Captain E's "Black Box" opens doors to his world, showcasing his versatility and dedication to his artistry.

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